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L'Oca Bianca


Salotto all' aperto

Finalmente all'Oca Bianca potrai gustare un aperitivo o un dopo cena nel salotto all' aperto!


In the heart of the old quarter of the Marina, in  Napoli  street, which recently became a pedestrian zone only, the restaurant L'Oca Bianca was born from the idea of fusing classic Italian  with  the flavors of  ethnic cuisine.

In fact, you can relish a great Moroccan cous cous, you can delight yourself with curry base dishes and tasty oriental appetizers.
You can also chose a great variety of pizzas cooked only in a wood oven. This will satisfy our guest that looks for originality in a traditional dish.

L'Oca Bianca, a modern three floor establishment offers a  welcoming place where you can enjoy the  expertise of our  Italian and foreign cooks, and a service that has been appreciated for the hospitality and skillful work staff.